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by mbrotzakis
We excel in offering sound advice in VAT and other indirect taxes.   We help our clients in UAE and the GCC to prepare for VAT by professionally assessing, implementing and complying with VAT laws and rulings using our long experience from similar cases we have experienced in Europe.

The introduction of VAT in the GCC in 2018 is a great challenge.  Companies with limited or no exposure to taxation will have to assess, implement and comply with VAT legislation.

Furthermore, the complexities arising from VAT being applied regionally in the GCC and not solely on each state, can be efficiently addressed only by Tax Consultants with experience in the European Union.

Gulf Tax Consultants have build a Team of highly accomplished European Tax Consultants, with more then 10 years experience each.

Key Benefits of the Service

We help companies at every stage of the VAT cycle, assessing, implementing, filing and training in order to fully comply with the new requirements.

  • We help assess your VAT readiness
  • We help efficiently implement VAT
  • We help prepare VAT filings
  • We help comply with VAT rulings
  • We help companies train their personnel
  • We help companies face the challenge of indirect taxes

John Ioannou
Head of VAT Practice

Phone: +971 (0) 56 64 43 984
Mail: john.ioannou@gulf.tax.net

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About Gulf Tax Consultants

We are a boutique consultancy offering VAT Implementation & Tax Advisory Services.  Our Consultants have gained their experience working for established Tax Practices in Europe and Australia.  With proven track-record and an always up-to-date Team of Tax Advisors, we stand by our customers offering knowledge, expertise and peace of mind.

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Value Added Tax (V.A.T) is a General, Indirect, Consumption tax imposed on goods and services.

General Tax

A tax that applies to all or most goods and services.

Indirect Tax

A tax that is collected by a third party on behalf of the party that is intended to tax.

VAT is collected by businesses (3rd party) on behalf of the consumer (actually taxed).

Consumption Tax

A tax on spending on goods and services.

Other Attributes of V.A.T

V.A.T is considered a neutral tax to the business (no direct impact on earnings).

It is considered to be regressive, taxing more lower incomes.

It has an indirect impact on business earnings, affecting cash-flow and implicitly interest as well as gives rise to administration expenses needed to cover implementation and compliance.