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by mbrotzakis

Hard facts. Expert solutions.

VAT in GCC is a blend of the European VAT Framework and some principles used in modern VAT systems.  The European Framework was used because it is mature and it is the only VAT system dealing with the application of VAT in a union, customs or economic, of independent states.  All other VAT systems, like Singapore, Australia, South Africa are designed to be used for one and only one sovereign state.

Based on the above, Tax Consultants with long experience in the European Union VAT are better positioned to offer quality VAT advice and service efficiently companies involved in movement of Goods and Services between GCC States.

We at Gulf Tax Consultants have a strong team of expert European VAT Consultants.  We focus on providing correct and efficient tax advice to our customers.  We guarantee the quality of our services and we aim at creating long-lasting and profitable relationship with our customers.

John Ioannou
Head of VAT Practice

Phone: +971 (0) 56 64 43 984
Mail: john.ioannou@gulf-tax.net

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Minimum Tax Consultant Experience

VAT Cases Served in Europe

VAT Refunds in Europe

Success Rate

10 years

> 3.000

> 3 million Euro