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Mission and Vision

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Mission and Vision

by mbrotzakis


We have a strong team of expert tax advisors from Europe and Australia.  Most of our team members have participated during 1992-93 in the introduction of VAT in the Single Market of the European Union Countries and have continued supporting companies in complex VAT and Tax Cases.

We aim becoming the single largest independent regional tax advising firm in the GCC.

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Our aim is to assist companies in the GCC to successfully implement VAT and transfer our know-how to as many as possible accountants and tax practitioners.

We acknowledge the challenge of introducing VAT in the GCC, an area with either no or small tax experience.

We are confident that our extensive experience and unique implementation system, developed over the last 25 years and used in more then 900 implementation in E.U, guarantees a smooth VAT application in every business we work with, a risk-free operation and compliance to the local legislation.


  • Expert European VAT Consultants
  • Expertise: VAT & other Taxations
  • Partner-owned
  • Multinational Clients
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
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About Gulf Tax Consultants

We are a boutique consultancy offering VAT Implementation & Tax Advisory Services.  Our Consultants have gained their experience working for established Tax Practices in Europe and Australia.  With proven track-record and an always up-to-date Team of Tax Advisors, we stand by our customers offering knowledge, expertise and peace of mind.

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